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VersaCut Guide Bar


These completely re-designed Light-Weight Professional Guide Bars are lighter, stronger and longer
lasting. Designed for top performance for professional woodcutters.

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VersaCut guide bars are standard-kerf bars that feature a large radius nose and are designed to perform in a wide range of professional
• More precise cutting from a stiffer bar
• Provides better balance on smaller saws
• Lighter weight means less fatigue
• Longer life from a hardier rail
• Longer nose life and better performance with a new sprocket
nose system
• Reduced rail wear rate and more precise cutting via better chain
fit up.

Up to 2.3 – 4.0 cu. in (38 – 65 cc)

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Part Number

153VXLGD025, 153VXLHD025, 158VXLGK041, 158VXLGK095, 158VXLHD009, 158VXLHK095, 163VXLGD025, 163VXLHD025, 168VXLGK041, 168VXLGK095, 168VXLHD009, 168VXLHK095, 178VXLHD009, 180VXLGK041, 180VXLGK095, 183VXLGD025, 183VXLHD025, 188VXLGK041, 188VXLGK095, 188VXLHD009, 188VXLHD024, 188VXLHD176, 188VXLHK095, 188VXLHZ095, 200VXLHD009, 200VXLHD025, 203VXLGD025, 203VXLHD025, 208VXLGK095, 208VXLHD009, 208VXLHK095


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