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Advance Cut Guide Bar


The bar for woodcutter using small to mid-size saws with .325” or 3/8” chains.

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• Slim symmetrical contour is light in weight, maneuverable, and
reversible for long life.
• Small-radius nose helps reduce kickback energies.

Up to 3.5 cu. in (62 cc)

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Part Number

120SPEA074, 120SXEA041, 120SXEA074, 120SXEA095, 130MLBK041, 130MLBK095, 138PXBK041, 138PXBK095, 138PXDK095, 138SLBK095, 140SPEA074, 140SXEA041, 140SXEA074, 140SXEA095, 140SXEA318, 150MLBK041, 150MLBK095, 150MPBK095, 153SFGD025, 153SFHD025, 158PXBK041, 158PXBK095, 158SFHD009, 158SLBK095, 158SLGK095, 158SLHD009, 158SLHK095, 158SLHK153, 160MLBK041, 160MLBK095, 160SPEA041, 160SPEA074, 160SPET041, 160SXEA041, 160SXEA074, 160SXEA095, 160SXEA318, 163SFGD025, 163SFHD025, 163SLBA074, 163SLHD025, 168PXBK041, 168PXBK095, 168SFHD009, 180MLBK041, 180MLBK095, 180MPBK095, 180MPGD025, 183SFGD025, 183SFHD025, 183SLHD025, 188PXBK095, 188SFGK095, 188SFHD009, 188SFHD024, 188SLBK095, 188SLGK095, 188SLHD009, 188SLHK095, 188SLHK153, 200PXBK095, 200SLHD276, 203SFHD025, 203SLFM015, 203SLHD025, 208SFHD009, 208SFHD024, 208SLHD009, 208SLHK153, 243SFHD025


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