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SpeedCut Guide Bar


These completely re-designed Light-Weight Professional Guide Bars are lighter, stronger and longer
lasting. Designed for top performance for professional woodcutters.

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SpeedCut guide bars pair with SpeedCut chain to create the next-generation narrow-kerf system on saws up to 55 cc displacement.
SpeedCut is designed to deliver faster cutting and reduced weight compared to standard cutting systems.

• More precise cutting from a stiffer bar
• Provides better balance on smaller saws
• Lighter weight means less fatigue
• Longer life from a hardier rail
• Longer nose life and better performance with a new sprocket
nose system
• Reduced rail wear rate and more precise cutting via better chain
fit up.
Up to 2.3 – 4.0 cu. in (38 – 65 cc)

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Part Number

130TXLBD025, 130TXLBK095, 150TXLBK095, 150TXLGD025, 150TXLGK095, 160TXLBA074, 160TXLBK095, 160TXLGD025, 160TXLGK095, 180TXLBA074, 180TXLBK095, 180TXLGD025, 180TXLGK095, 200TXLBK095


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