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Chainsaw Chain reel


Chain reel in TWO lengths

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Chain on a reel to make up chains to any length

Additional information

Chain Type

20BPX, 20LGX, 20LPX, 21BPX, 21LGX, 21LPX, 22BPX, 22LGX, 22LPX, 25AP, 27R, 27RA, 27RX, 27X, 59ACL, 59L, 72DPX, 72LPX, 73DPX, 73EXJ, 73EXL, 73LPX, 73RD, 75DPX, 75EXJ, 75EXL, 75LPX, 75RD, 90PX, 91P, 91PX, 91R, 91VXL, 95TXL, M21LPX, M22LPX, M73LPX, M75DX, M75LPX, M91VXL, M95VPX

Reel length

100ft, 25ft


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